Dog Loves Drawing 

Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week. Nicolette Jones. 12/2/2012 Yates, who won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Dog Loves Books, has followed it up with this celebration of illustration and the imagination. Dog receives a sketchbook as a present from his Aunt Dora, and isn’t sure what to draw in it. Starting with doodles and games of noughts and crosses, he grows in confidence, tries a stickman, and ends up creating a whole adventure in which he takes part. It involves sailing to an island in the company of a duck, and owl and a crab, and being chased by a monster – a fun and suspenseful story in itself. But the real joy of this picturebook is that it is so inspiring. It is illustrated in pencil crayon (with a touch of watercolour) and every image is a work in progress, suggesting potential for any reader to follow suit. And there is comedy in the pictures: Dog with a book on his head, Dog with a mouthful of wrapping paper, Dog worried. Even the stick man is expressive.
Booktrust: “This is a great read for all those children who love books and drawing as it not only encourages children to read but also to be creative. With great illustrations it shows how much fun children can have with magic markers, as it brings across the feel of a true artist’s sketchbook. A fun read to keep all the family and children in the classroom entertained.”
Chopsy Baby: Yates conveys emotion superbly, simply by the tilt of Dog’s ears; when nobody turns up to his grand opening, I found myself genuinely moved. But he, of course, finds friendship and comfort, both in books and in the real world. A fine tale for encouraging early readers.
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